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What is European Odds? Guide to Accurate Reading and Betting

European odds, also known as 1X2 betting, are a familiar form of wagering for football fans. However, some people might not fully understand this type of bet. To provide a comprehensive view, bet win tips experts have quickly updated the following information.

What are European Odds?

This type of bet, widely known among players, is also referred to as 1X2 odds. It often appears at the top of the bookmaker's odds board. With the advantages of being easy to play, easy to win, and offering very high payouts, it is highly attractive to bettors.

Additionally, European odds include a draw option for players to choose from, making it more popular compared to Asian odds. Another difference lies in the very straightforward positive signs.

How to Read European Odds Accurately on the Odds Board

Currently, on the odds board provided by bet bookmaker, this bet type is typically displayed in the form of a 1X2 column. The home team is listed at the top, while the away team is listed at the bottom. The third row, marked as "draw," indicates that the match ended in a draw.

Moreover, when learning how to read European odds, you might notice red color marked above or below the match. According to Wintips experts, the red color above indicates the team is stronger and is the favorite.

The three vertical rows correspond to three betting outcomes: home win, draw, and away win. The 1X2 notation is defined as follows:

  • 1: Represents the home team. In a sports match, especially in football, 1 is used to denote the team playing at home.

  • X: Denotes a draw or a match ending in a tie.

  • 2: Represents the away team. In football matches, 2 is used to denote the team playing away.

Expert Tips for Effective European Odds Betting from Wintips

Everyone who participates in betting hopes to master the game and win big. Here are some valuable tips for European odds betting:

Avoid Betting on the Draw

Avoiding the draw bet in this type of wager is a smart decision to prevent unnecessary losses. The win rate for a draw bet is usually very low and unreliable, especially when compared to the win rates of other bets. Focusing on other betting options will provide better profit opportunities.

Research Match Information

Researching match information and conditions is an expert-recommended strategy. For instance, analyzing the performance of both teams, their current squad status, and the nature of the match will help you make informed decisions.

In knockout matches affecting the championship, the teams' playing mentality differs from that in friendly matches. Teams under higher pressure tend to perform better. Therefore, players need to thoroughly research before placing bets on European odds.

Pay Attention to Handicap Rates

Handicap rates often reflect the difference in abilities between the two participating teams. To improve your chances of selecting the right bet, you need to thoroughly research various factors affecting the handicap rate:

  • The past performance of both teams in previous matches.

  • The current playing capabilities of each team, including recent form and starting lineup.

  • Conditions of the pitch and weather, which can affect the teams' performance.

  • Information about player injuries and each team's chances of winning.

By combining information from the handicap rates with these factors, you will have a more comprehensive view of the match and increase your chances of winning.

Manage Your Betting Capital

Determine a fixed amount of capital for each bet. This control helps you avoid significant risks when faced with unfavorable betting results. Never bet more money than your planned amount.

Additionally, do not let emotions dictate your betting decisions. Emotional betting can lead to reckless or poorly thought-out wagers.

Hopefully, with all the information related to European odds shared by Wintips experts, you now have a more comprehensive understanding. Don’t forget to apply these valuable tips to increase your winnings and quickly earn rewards.

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